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December 10th, 2019

1. General oversight of goals and objectives to be achieved the first year of the project and the communication strategy
● Creation of the Project Website ( - proposed structure: (home area, partners presentation, project abstract, objectives, expected results, news, blog, ...)
● Creation of Social Media (facebook, instagram, youtube) in order to create an online community interested in the project and thus facilitate the use of its results.
● Ensure potential stakeholders outreach and awareness-rising by giving access to information about the project and the results within their interest area.
● Ensure that the local public and the press are continuously made aware of the Eyes project, results and innovations through broadcasting, tv, online articles and participation to workshops and laboratories. As said during the meeting, we find the involvement of families very important, as they represent a key source of dissemination of the project outcomes, and could contribute to measure the impact of the project activities.
● We’d like to remind you that for “social inclusion” we must focus not only on students with disabilities and intellectual impairment but also students with cultural diversity and economic disadvantages.

2. Defining the deliverables to be drafted on the shared folder on Google Drive before the next meeting (on April 3-4th in Turkey)
● We kindly remind you to upload on your personal folder, before January 30th 2020, your reports, written in english language, regarding the state of art of your national inclusion system in school, with special focus on the 15-19 years old students (high-school), and your proposal of innovative education methods to be addressed to teachers and students in order to improve social inclusion through sports and theater activities.

3. Logo n°3 was chosen, but must be revised with the following changes:
- add an Eyes (simplified) Logo, a theater curtain in the background,  a guitar in the hands of the boy with the leg prothesis, a character with down syndrome
- delete the character on the wheelchair
- putting the characters with disabilities in the center of the picture, in perspective of inclusion.
- Both logos ( the extensive one with changes applied and the simplified one ) will be both shared on the Google Drive Folder.
December 9th, 2019

1. Partner’s presentation

2. Fixing dates for the upcoming Transnational Meetings, Multiplier Events ( E1 ) and Short-Term Mobility.
● In the Google Drive Share-folder you will find attached the Eyes Travel Timetable excel document. Please notice we applied few changes concerning the mobility in Belgium in 2020/2021. We simply switched the 1st Multiplier Event ( E1) with the 1st Short Mobility (C1) in order to include one mobility in the year 2020. NO DATE CHANGES. The excel document shows the timetable fixed during the meeting and the one with the changes we applied. For any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

3. Partner’s expectations.
● Generally, specific issues arised during our conversation on the project objectives and partner’s expectations:
- Inclusion of people with disabilities in school is one of the greatest difficulties
- Lack of teachers support “Teachers know what to do but doesn’t know how to do it”
- The new training matrix we’re going to propose should overcome the traditional concept of “one-size-fits-all” ( an educational method that fits all students ) and move towards a model that focus on individual plans, autonomy, flexibility and more experiential activities, in order to identify each student’s potential and work on its development.
- A co-operation between partners, especially Fisdir-De Amicis and Fisdir-Turkish Sports Club would contribute to exchange know-how and practical examples of social inclusion through sports.

4. Budget Administration
● We will contact the National Agency to ask whether there is any chance to cover travel/accomodation expenses to representative of each project partner during the multiplier events. We’ll keep you updated and provide information as soon as we receive their response.
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