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Where we are?
The end of the first year of activity is approaching ....
We are at the end of the first year of activity and
the pursuit of the first intellectual output.

The Eyes training model structure has been defined. Now we need to reflect on the topics and training units to be planned.
The first intellectual output end with the organization of the second international meeting on September in Turkey.
Activities related to this will channel output in the organization of first multiplier event, always scheduled on September for the next step directed to the design of the technological training environment and in moments of programming and tools needed for the evaluation and validation of the model by all  stakeholders involved.
September is also the month of starting the second intellectual output realization. From the 13th to the 18th month, it will proceed to the technological infrastructure design. In this phase will be more involved technology partners (WIDE and Eekhout Academy) with the support of researchers of the other partners.

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