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This is the most important phase, which will go from the 25th to the 35th month, which will be performed the first testing of the designed model, which will solicit the active participation of all project recipients (Champion of students identified by educational institutes belonging
the partnership).
Just to emphasize the importance of soft skills and their malleability inclusive with the tools and methodologies of the world of school, sports, theater and art, we will be organized workshops, aimed at overcoming discrimination and enhance the physical size, emotional and mental of each participant.
The student belonging to the rfierimento champion after becoming acquainted with the training model EyEs in the online platform, including partecipereanno to experiential workshops. These labs enable students through the experience of making their own soft skills inclusive.
The aim is to enable the transformation and development processes first individual and then collective, triggering through direct experimentation reasoning and learning, conscious and unconscious.
We will analyze the potential in these contexts and relationships between body, movement, learning and emotion, in order to contribute to the methodological development of the model.
Although this output is characterized by the internal evaluation work order (32 ° -34 ° month) that enable to understand that I have made their goals and if you are going in the right direction. These are key considerations for the organizationlast multiplier event.
EyEs inclusive experiential workshops
created by WIDE S.r.l.
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