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EyEs training technology infrastructure
Convey in this output research and methodological development and organization of the first transnational meeting and the first multiplier event.
Will be involved with different roles in the first 12 months, the researchers of all seven partners, who will analyze the state of the art and of the transverse needs, to study and map the requirements and to create a training matrix and inclusive learning. Once conceived such a matrix will move to the realization of the model and the structuring of the theoretical and practical activities.
The innovation lies both in the type of model, both in the choice of methods that you want to use. It is an experiential model that allows students to learn the skills competency-inclusive and participate in moments of reflection and practice to understand which of them make them unique. The impact toward which this output is to increase the sense of belonging to the European community, through the sharing of common values and skills and help increase the embedding process, using physical and psychological benefits of sports and theatrical activities.
Just as you thought the model is highly transferable to multiple factors:
  • has as an essential element of social interaction among people, whether inside the school, businesses, recreational and sports facilities, universities,
  • these topics and skills that are part of the issue of social construction, cultural mediation and transmission of messages in time,
  • being the English language can be used in all partner countries,
  • it is flexible and customizable because after mapping the needs and skills of the workforce, is the plasma model to the results to be achieved (eg increased group sharing through the planning of theatrical performance, increase self-esteem by organizing sports competitions, etc.).
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